Saturday, January 21, 2006

Psachya Septimus Plugged!

Here's some info about an upcoming concert in Brooklyn on Sunday, January 29th.

The event features Psachya Septimus along with two other new artists, David Dardashti and Meir Simcha. Meir's album is already out, but David's and Psachya's releases got bogged down in technical nonsense, and won't be out until a month or so after the show. Needless to say, it's made the show difficult to promote.

Part of the proceeds will benefit the rebuilding of a local mikvah that collapsed.
The Canarsie mikvah, located on Remsen Avenue off Flatlands Avenue, in Canarsie, Brooklyn, has served the Jewish Canarsie community for years. However, earlier this year, the roof of the mikvah collapsed and the heat pipes broke, and now the mikvah stands in total disarray. It is in such bad shape that the rabbanim declared it a "sakanos nefashos" for it to be used at all. This has been a severe blow to the remaining Jews in Canarsie. Unfortunately, the women in Canarsie are unable to perform the mitzvah of mikvah, especially on Friday nights; the nearest one is in Flatbush miles away, way too far to walk. The residents have tried to raise the necessary funds needed to rebuild the mikvah on their own, but they have been unable to do so due to the exorbitant cost.
For those who don't recognize Psachya's name...

If you've attended weddings in the NYC area, the odds are good that you've heard Psachya. He's been freelancing as a keyboardist, vocalist, and bandleader on the NY simcha circuit for years, and is an in-demand player. Virtually every band in the business uses Psachaya, and we're constantly amazed at the number of smaller bandleaders (the ones booking only a handful of jobs a year) who tell us that that Psachya is their "first call." we've booked him too. ( Incidentally, Psachya also plays accordion for the KLEZTRAPHOBIX. You can hear his composition in 7/8, Seven Wise Men of Chelm here.)

I'm not at all familiar with the other performers on this bill. But I'd be interested in hearing Psachya's work.

The website doesn't contain too much information about the music that will performed at this concert. It says that there are mp3's on the site, but they aren't there.

Here's the blurb about Psachya:
Psachya, the well-known keyboardist and wedding singer... introduces his debut album, Shattered Glass. The songs are moving and the sophisticated melodies will mezmerize listeners. Psachya makes his piano sing and dance, and you will too.
If I get any additional information, such as who will be backing up these performers, or if some audio clips are posted, I'll update this post.

UPDATE: 1/23/06

Psachya writes:
Regarding the other performers and the backing band:
Meir Simcha is a young singer-songwriter who has written over a hundred tunes, nine of which are on his album. He has a young, rock-influenced sound, and has the potential to stick around for a while.

David Dardashti comes from a legendary musical family. (An Iranian friend tells me that an entire genre of Judeo-Persian music was named after an ancestor of his.) His music is a blend of Persian, Israeli, Ashkenazic and rock-n-roll styles, and his voice simply has to be heard to be believed - simply tremendous.

We will be joined for a few songs by Eli Chait (I understand he's a cousin of those Chaits), who also has a contemporary rock flavor to his tunes.

Our backing band, informally called the Shirei Achim Band, was put together primarily to back our work. It's a rock band - 2 guitars, keyboard, bass, drums & percussion, with me on piano. It's a solid band, and there will definitely be some jamming at some point.
Yaakov Radin emails:
I have put together the best Jewish Rock band ever!

It has taken me three years to put this together. They are:

The Shirei Achim Band:

Drums: Avi Bernstein
Bass: Norman Madnick
Lead Guitar: Avi Hassan
Rock Guitar: Avi Jaman
Keyboards: Yitz Fuchs
Piano: Psachya Septimus
Percussion: Nechemia Soibelman
Vocals: Meir Simcha, David Dardashti, Psachya, and Eli Chait.
Executive Producer & arranger: Yaakov (Jay) Radin
Producer: Yissi (Stuart) Radin
Produced by: Shirei Achim Productions, Inc.

This is the only all religious band with the real rock sound. Period! 'Nuff said!
UPDATE 1/26/06:

Marc Gottleib emails that he's posted a few audio clips to the site here.