Monday, January 09, 2006

From the mailbag...

J. writes:
If I might pose a question;
What exactly is it that the Vaad Harabonim is looking for in Jewish music in order to affix their stamp of approval?
I really am a bit confused, what are the guidelines or cutoff points that deem a piece of music "Jezzy" as apposed to "acceptable"?
Is Yossele Rosenblatt considered to be "OK"?
Are they sure that there are no outside influences in his compositions?
Do they really think that today's youth is looking for that kind of music?, and if they don't find it within the "acceptable" guidelines they won't go out and look for something that is more to their taste?
And a quick word about Lipa,
Here is an extremely talented young man, with a flair for the absurd, very original, and very appealing to today's Jewish music fans.
What is the problem of having him as a "role model"?
Are his lyrics teaching his listeners to do anything "not kosher"? , Is he convincing little Moshe to go out and become rebellious?
As far as I see it little Moshe sees a performer that wears the Chasidisher garb, that speaks with the Chasidisher accent, that looks like a Chosid, but is very entertaining to listen to, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?
What horrible things are being taught to little kids by Lipa?
I've been meaning to address this topic for a while, but haven't had time. Perhaps soon.