Wednesday, January 04, 2006

1/4/06 Link Dump

Here's a mind-blowing discussion on of the negative impact of Uncle Moishy!
"what do you think of a naked woman telling a beautiful dvar torah about keeping shabbos? the message is beautiful, but the delivery is disgusting!"
What on earth??? Words fail! Via L-o-R

Jewish Blogmeister asks:
What do you do if you have produced albums under your name but they did not do well? No sweat make another one and drop your last name.
He gets the original product wrong, though. The singer he's referring to distributed that album in the States, but didn't sing on it. His previous release was this one. The one JB linked to, Oneg, featured two pseudonymous performers -- I know who both are -- one of whom outed himself when he released his album, Sakrfys.

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) is noting Andrew Lloyd Webber's Zionist bent. Coincidentally, I performed that song (The ALW version, not the Yiddish rip-off) at last night's performance.

Update: JB has now corrected his post!