Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lipa Schmeltzer Banned - Again

On the Main Line posts a letter about the new Lipa Schmeltzer CD by the Va'ad Hachinuch of Yeshiva Torah V'yiro in Kiryas Joel. The letter finds fault with pernicious "Jezzy-Rock-N-Roll".

Here's a very quick translation:

We'd like to raise awareness and let the respected elders know that we should guard our homes from all kinds of Jewish-Yiddish music tapes.

Especially the new fearful (JEZZY-ROCK-N-ROLL) tape "Keneinahora" [Ed. the title of Schmeltzer's new CD] which is very bad for the spirituality of those who hear it.

Hashem should help save us from all bad influences which come cloaked in many different guises, especially during these holy Chanuka days, during which Hashem saved us from the Hellenists and Greeks, and we should all merit to see righteous and blessed future generations without any bad influences in any fashion.

We should all merit the fullfillment of the blessing of one who lights Chanukah candles will be blessed with sons that are Torah scholars, Amen.

UPDATE: In the first line, it should probably read "Goyishe-Yiddish" instead of "Jewish-Yiddish". I'd like to correct another error too. I translated this as a Lipa Schmeltzer ban, when it really is an anti Steely Dan proclamation. The correct translation of "Keineinahora" is "Aja." In truth, the Va'ad Hachinuch has no problem with secular music; they just hate the whole jazz rock thing. I have it on good authority that they are closet fans of Jeff Back and early Clapton.