Monday, August 01, 2005

Though Shalt Not...

Here are some of the rules from the prep sheet one of the NYC-based offices sends its musicians. We're interested in hearing comments from the perspectives of offices, bandleaders, musicians, and clients.
1. Musicians must use employee service entrance at all times.
2. Musicians may not walk through the cocktail hour while guests are present. Instead, please find an alternate route.
3. While in guest areas, please do not wear outdoor coats, do not carry cases of any kind. Men must have bowties fastened and jackets on, and ladies must be fully dressed.

Please be aware of your “courteous report time”. We expect singers and rhythm section to be on site 45 minutes before start time and horn and string players 30 minutes before start time. All cases are to be hidden, equipment is to be neatly placed, wired and tested, microphones sound checked and personnel fully dressed and standing by on or near the stage at 20 minutes before start time. This applies to cocktail hours as well. At any of our events there is a chance we may be required to start 15 minutes early, for which performers will be compensated or we will end earlier. We need to be ready for those unforeseen times when guests arrive early.

1. Musicians are asked not to use any of the guests' bars for getting soft drinks at any time, unless otherwise notified. At each venue, we will notify you how to get soft drinks.
2. Musicians are not permitted to eat at the cocktail hour or at the guests’ buffets.
3. Musicians are NEVER ALLOWED TO CONSUME ALCOHOL at any time on the job.
4. If food is provided, musicians are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED to dispose of all garbage and tidy the eating area before going back onstage. Your courtesy and responsibility is mandatory in order for this to continue.
5. Glasses are not permitted on the stage.

1. Please remember that only black cables are permitted at our events.
2. Black sneakers are not permitted in lieu of dress shoes.
3. Please do not walk across the dance floor when going to and from the stage.