Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Though Shalt Comment!

Here are some comments on yesterday's post, "Though Shalt Not."

Jordan Hirsch writes:
I do not disagree with the rules per se, except for the prohibition against going to the bar even for soft drinks. I am of the belief that people on a gig should limit alcohol consumption, and since it's hard to figure out how much is too much, a ban is not out of bounds.

Union regulations which put limitations on bandleaders do allow for requirements for musicians to be ready before the official start time. So I have no problem there. Quite frankly, there is a union contract between the legit bandleaders and the musicians, and if musicians feel they are being abused, they should avail themselves of collective bargaining.
Avremi G. writes:
Hilarious post today.

Many NYC offices are way too concerned with appearances. If I was a customer, I’d want my band to be courteous and not sloppy. But why would I care if a musician walks through the cocktail area if he’s not on call. I’d be upset if they would not eat during the smorg. Firstly, it does not cost the host extra. (No head count for smorgs). Second, why would I want grumpy, hungry musicians at my affair? I bet if a poll was actually taken asking hosts what they think, they’d be only pleased to let the musicians eat during the smorg. There’s been one or two occasions in my 15 years of doing this that a bandleader has asked me not to eat during the smorg. To which I answered “I’m outta here!” They have always relented and there’s never been a problem. What musicians should not do is to eat from the smorg before the room has opened: destroying the fancy presentation the caterer has worked so hard on to prepare.

On the same subject. I think band members should be fed the same main course the guests are served, and they should be served first, so as to have them eat up and get back to work.

Black cables?
Walking across the dance floor?
Who wrote this nonsense?

I think most customers are more interested in a good band and really don’t give hoot for much of this other stuff

Re Report Time. I’m sick when it comes to time. I’m always the first one there

Service entrances: Every hall is different. I sure as hell am not going lug my stuff up three flights of stairs at the service entrance when there is a perfectly working elevator in the front of the building. After some musician (I forget his name) got mugged after a job at the back of the Atrium, they stopped insisting we use the service entrance
If I remember correctly, it was Jerry Markowitz who was mugged as he was leaving the Atrium.