Thursday, August 25, 2005

Jewish link dump

The Jewish Week adresses Michael Brecker's need for a stem cell/bone marrow transplant in "The Marrow of Tradition."

There will be a donor drive at Temple Beth El in Hastings-on-Hudson (740 North Broadway) on Sept. 11 from 2-6 p.m. For more information, call the synagogue at (914) 478-3833 or the Gift of Life Registry at (561) 988-0100, or visit their website

Mima'amakim reports on Yidstock:
While I was unable to attend myself, I got a blow-by-blow account of Yidstock, Sunday night. Apparently, instead of the thousands hoped to arrive, about 1,500 people actually came. And while I'm not privy to the exact numbers, an involved member told me that the show is 20 grand in the whole [sic]. Plus, between the marijuana, the grinding, and the hardcore act that played the show (really!) it looks like we skipped over the original Woodstock and skipped straight to Woodstock '96. Ouch. Though I've been told the performances were generally good, except for a mishap with Blue Fringe and faulty circuits. Can anyone who was there add to this?
The conflicting adverts about who would be appearing can't have helped either.

Speaking of Yidstock performers, LIFE-of-RUBIN asks: "Is this the future of Jewish Music?"

Here's Menachem Butler on Dov Shurin.

The Jerusalem Post reviews Sameach Sephardic Dance Mix:
Sameach Sephardic Dance Mix might be slightly behind the global trends, and its creators might have been better off with their tongues closer to their cheeks, but the ethnic remix grooves heard here are probably infectious enough to satisfy most of the listeners in Sameach and GalPaz's target market - as well as many Israeli taxi drivers.
Finally, Chestblog has a Shwekey Update. Free CD with purchase of new car.