Friday, August 26, 2005

The Peeps Keep On Coming

Naftali emails:
I was chatting with a fellow musician today, and we came up with a few more peeps that all us JM musicians experience.

The Hand Shaker - This genius approaches the keyboard player and sticks out his hand expecting a warm sholom aleichem hand shake. Did you think I have three hands, or should I use my chin?!

The Yomim Director - This fellow is at every wedding. He comes up to the bandleader; "The Rosh Yeshiva is in the middle play yomim! We play Yomim. Finally we switch songs...He comes running back, 'The mashgiach is in the middle, play yomim!" Back to Yomim. Switch songs...back to yomim, and so on. This fellow is not to be confused with the Keitzad guy.

The Keitzad Guy - The Kalla comes to the men and we start playing Keitzad. 3 minutes later The Keitzad Guy comes up and yells "The Kalla is here"! "So what should we play"? "Keitzad"! "What do you call the song we are presently playing?" "Oh".

The Inquiring Kids - How much is your "Casio"? How much is that mic? What does that pedal do? Can I press this button?
We'd noted some similar characters like the Rosh Yeshiva's chamberlain courtesy of Jordan Hirsch and Psachya Septimus' accountant