Friday, August 05, 2005

Is Yidden Originally a Jewish Song?

Benyamin Bresky forwards an email from a German listener to his radio program on Israel National Radio.
Interesting by the way: you had a show with "The Klezmatics" with a very interesting wedding-song. The basis of this song was a song from Germany which was called "Dshingis Khan." So the first I heard this wedding song on a MBD-CD, I thought I was in a wrong movie. But now I Know the story. But what is so interesting. The music producer, Ralph Siegel, which created the song is Jewish. So if we define jewish music as music which is made by Jews, it is 100% a Jewish song.

Ben forwards a correction:
I'm very sorry, but I have to correct my last mail. The composer and songwriter Ralph Siegel isn't Jewish probably I mixed up the names. A good friend of mine gave me the information in the past. After my mail I checked the information in the internet (German and English sites) and there wasn‚t any connection to Judaism, but it was too late. So I felt bad about it and wrote in the next minute this mail to correct the mistake.