Thursday, July 14, 2005

We Want Mikimi Now!

Yitz emails in response to Reb Moshe:
Mikimi was composed in 1968, and released on record in by 1969-70. The record was called "I Heard the Wall Singing," a double-record set.

It is well-known to Carlebach people that Reb Shlomo's niggunim often were composed without words, and that he later added words to them. Sometimes he would also change the original adaptation to another set of words. Two brief examples: the tune everyone knows as "Samcheim" was originally set to "Umalteim mikol Ra'os" from Selichos of Erev Rosh Hashana. Reb Shlomo's well-known "Nachamu" was originally "Tzaddik KaTamar Yifrach."

Reb Moshe - if I can get a copy of that tape, I would be very grateful. Please also find out what year it was from.
I think it may be time for Yitz to get his own blog.