Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Some Links and Emails

Here's a forum about the " Worst Bar Mitzvah Songs."

Last month, Noa wrote about how the band she'd booked for her wedding had jerked her around. We missed it then, but we're linking now.

Reminds us of a strange phone conversation we had with a woman a few months back. She'd talked to us about playing her wedding, but decided to go with a well-known klezmer musician's band instead. A few months after losing the gig, we get a call from her. She still hasn't received a contract from the band, although she's asked for one many times, and wants to know what we thought. Basically, she seemed to be looking for assurances that the band would show up at her affair. It was quite odd!

Peter Kirn of of writes:
When I saw you'd linked to my Finale 2006 impressions in your blog, I really *wanted* to say something about a new version of Sibelius -- but of course, couldn't. ;-) Now I can:

Sibelius 4: Video, Dynamic Parts, Worksheets Added to Notation Software -
I'll post my impressions soon.

Aryeh Steiner writes:
I've started a Jewish Music Blog. I just wanted to say that I enjoy your site very much. As a professional musician, I can't tell you how funny your "Peeps in the Hood" are.

My URL is
Aryeh's previous website, which we've linked in the past, is here.