Friday, July 01, 2005

More Peeps!

Jordan Hirsch adds another Peep to Da Hood:
The Air traffic Controller:

Comes over to the Bandleader, (as happened at my job last night) and starts waving his hand in a quick circular motion. (Maybe he is more like an egg beater than an Air traffic controller.) When the Bandleader asks him (as I did ) to be a bit more specific, he waves his hands in disgust and walks away. By the way, I ran after him on a break and gave him some advice about appropriate ways to communicate with bandleaders, which he took with grace.

The Air traffic controller's sister is the girl who over to the band and says "could you play faster?" Usually she is single, and just needs that music to go faster... and faster...and faster...and.....well, think Meg Ryan in the Deli scene.
(Last night, when I did take the temp up a notch, I in fact heard screams from the Women's side. Wow. I didn't know that that was all it took.)