Friday, July 01, 2005

Still More Peeps In Da Hood

Here are some more people to add to our "Peeps In Da Hood" series.

1) Volume Boy
2) Guitar Face

"Volume Boy" is the yeshiva kid who always complains that the band needs to be louder, nevermind the fact that the walls are already shaking from the high-volume. Thehe polar opposite of the notorious Rabbi Jeff Forsythe, it's always fun when he and the bride's grandmother address their volume issues to the bandleader at the same time.

"Guitar Face" watches the guitarist all night and grimaces in approval (that's the best way I can describe it) whenever the guitarist plays heavy distorted power chords. He may also play some light "air guitar" along with said power chords. The guitarist might have been playing hip changes, creative lines, and interesting chordal riffs most of the gig, but it's only those moments of "power chord zen" that give "Guitar Face" his kicks.