Thursday, July 14, 2005

Painful Posts

Some of the most compelling writing I've read on J-blogs has been written by bloggers who are pained by an issue. Whether the topic is personal or philosophical, the personal stake these writers have in their subject makes for moving reading.

The loss of a child is perhaps the hardest thing a person can live through. Recently, we linked to a music-related post on Robert Avrech's blog which he keeps in memory of his son Ariel.

Here's another moving blog, "Moving On", written by Glen Holman whose daughter, Nechama Liba died last summer. Here's Glen's "Letter To Uncle Moishy."

Both of these blogs are a painful, but highly recommended read. May the Avrechs and Holmans find comfort b'soch saha'r aveili zion v'Yerusholayim.