Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Whatcha Looking At, Punk?

Here's a Commentator article on punk rock and Orthodoxy.

The concluding 'graps:
The best punk music drives 3 chord chops and screaming into your head with the ferocity of a riot. This leads me to a second anecdote. I heard from a Rabbi in the same Yeshiva mentioned above that Rav Aaron Kotler used to passionately scream at his students when he disagreed with them. One time, his student walked out of the room rather than continue the fight. Too impassioned to notice, Rav Kotler told the other students to throw that one out. They coughed nervously and explained that he already left, about ten minutes ago. "Well then drag him in and throw him out again!" Rav Kotler screamed.

Judaism and punk culture are completely compatible. That is Punk Rock.