Monday, May 23, 2005

Reader email re: Peeps in Da Hood

Got some email in response to our recent Peeps from Da Hood - The NY Simcha Scene.

Jordan Hirsch writes:
what about the rosh yeshiva's chamberlain, who insists (without saying please) on the band switching to Yomim when the Rosh Yeshiva (doesn't matter which yeshiva) pulls into the parking lot. Ai, if it's so important, why wasn't he there on time?
David Bogner writes:
Great list! One thing to add to the 'Dance Nazi' section is what was arguably the best bandleader reply to a dance nazi:

The scene was Beth Shalom of Lawrence. We were playing a typical set of 'Ladies dances' and the band had just mistakenly played the 'B' section of one of the songs once instead of twice. One of the 'Dance Nazis' came running over to the band and started screaming at the bandleader about "not knowing the music", and "if you're not going to play it right you shouldn't play it at all", etc.

The bandleader calmly looked at this vision of loveliness and said, "Lady... you should be so careful about kashrus!", and turned casually back to the band.

The thunderstruck look on that woman's face was one of the highlights of my musical career!