Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cross at Cross-Currents

Mississippi Fred Macdowell is calling out Eytan Kobre's recent post on Cross-Currents contrasting Bruce Springsteen and "The Gedolim". (Isn't "The Gedolim" a great name for a punk band?)
Why is calling attention to the plight and misery of thousands of reduced moral worth? Do we really need to diminish others to elevate our own? I have never heard of a gadol who moved to the third world to bathe and service pagan lepers, yet that is what Mother Teresa devoted her life to. Just as her awesome service to her fellow man* doesn't diminish acts of tzidkus from our own gedolim it shouldn't be necessary to diminish the acts of others to elevate our view of them.
I agree with the old bluesman.