Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More Reader Email - Peeps In Da Hood

This post is generating a lot of email.

Psachya Septimus writes:
A couple of more character sketches for you:

1) The Accountant: This is the chassidishe kid who asks, "How much cost deh speakehs? How much money you getting paid? How much cost deh Casio?" (PS - Has any professional musician ever played anything made by Casio?)

2) The Program Director: This is the guy who asks you, "So what song are you playing next? And after that? And after that? And after that?"

3) The Dave Berg Character (remember Mad Magazine's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions?): An example: This guy is sitting there for 20 minutes, watching me shlep my keyboard, amp, speakers, music notes, etc. etc. up a flight of stairs. He turns to me and says, "So - are you the musician?"

4) Mostly Music's Favorite Customer: The guy who comes up and asks for a song by Yankel Klopper. When you admit your ignorance, he says, "How can you not know his stuff? His album's been out for two days already!"

5) Hora Lovers vs. Hora Haters: On one extreme, you have the bochur who runs up 2 minutes into the first dance yelling, "Hora! Hora!" On the other extreme, the lady who comes up 30 seconds into the Hora set yelling, "Can you please play something faster?" What a shidduch!
I've met all of these guys too.