Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Chopped Liverpool

From the Shlock Rock newsletter:
The 26th Shlock Rock CD is now in production. This is the ultimate Shabbat CD. A combination of Shlock Rock, The Beatles and Shabbat. It is due out August or September and it will have all of the traditional Shabbat Prayers and Zmirot set to the melodies of the Beatles. This album was the concept of "The Kraz" and he had to convince Lenny to take the idea seriously. But as Lenny started working on it he saw more and more how beautiful the melodies of the Beatles were and how they work with the words of Shabbat both in the synagogue and at home. Then, after the fact, Lenny was faxed a rabbinical ruling claiming that not only is it a Mitzvah to take secular songs and place them into the liturgy but it is an obligation. So everyone stay tuned as Lenny goes into the studio and comes out with Shlock Rock 26: A Shabbat in Liverpool. Please stand by!