Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Not Written By Odom Harishon

Chaim Gottesman writes:
Go to What the world calls Odom Harishon's niggun is an old modzitz chassan's niggun. So I guess the sh'or yahshuv minhag has some chassidic roots.
I hadn't known that this was a Modzitzer nigun. According to the website, the melody was composed by the Divrei Yisroel in 1899.

Anyone know where the name Odom Harishon's Nigun comes from?

The other tune they sing, Keili Ato, is a Chabad melody. I've heard that the melody has evolved/simplified over the years, but the recordings and notation I've seen of it all have the melody as it is commonly sung today. If anyone has info on this, please forward it this way. Thanks!