Thursday, June 17, 2004

Nine Years After

The Jerusalem Post finally gets around to reviewing Piamenta's "The Way You Like It" album -- released in 1995.

The reviewer, Ben Jacobson, naively believes that he is the first person ever to compare Avi P. to Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson. I’ve been hearing this comparison for decades.

He also writes:
Unfortunately, Piamenta's work on albums is recorded in the fashionable esthetic of Hassidic pop (straight verse-chorus-verse structures, with machine drumming, cheesy keyboard effects, horn punches and the like), rather than letting it rip as they do on stage.
This is a common criticism of Piamenta's commercial recordings like "1990","The Way You Like It", and "Big Time."

We recommend Piamenta’s earlier albums which better capture their sound, energy, and creativity.

Check out "Ozreini", 1981’s "Let's Dance With The Piamentas", -- one of our fave’s --and "Mitzvah." Note: Mitzvah was re-mastered and re-released a few years back.

Via The Town Crier