Thursday, June 24, 2004

MBD in the J-Press

Here's a Jewish Press article modestly titled Mordechai Ben David: ‘I Think We’re Going To Get The Best Sound In History'.

Some 'graphs:
MBD had only praise for Ken’s studio: “I worked in the biggest studios in New York and have been waiting for years to finally come to a studio which was the real thing and thank G-d my brother had the honor of building such a studio. I am doing my first major project in this studio and I believe that the results will be very positive.
“It has the highest quality in equipment, acoustics are incredible, and the sound is magnificent. One can see that it was made by a British head. Even in America, which has the biggest studios in the world, it’s not as good as here.”
“But I think we’re going to get the best sound in history because of the quality of the studio.