Wednesday, June 27, 2007

6/27/07 Link Dump

So Blogger's "BlogThis!" is acting up again. Here's a long delayed link dump.

PT's getting ready for a big show, and he's brought in a legendary producer to help. Sounds good, but ich meyn az s'darf mehr cowbell!

MoC is ranting about YaMaMai and royalties. One of the commentors there is misrepresenting the parody exception. Changing the key or some notes or syncopations does NOT qualify.

Is Chaim picking on MBD?

The RIAA is getting sued again.

PHP's Doni Joszef writes about Jewish Musicism.

Not by Aerosmith! Dude sings like a lady!


Jack doesn't like Beth Shafer's latest. Her fans seem quite upset at this. (He doesn't like Rick Recht, either.)

Here's Avi Adrian's bluesy singing bird.

Here's Asian Fiddler.

Me wants one!

Here's the best graduation performance this season.

Sibelius 5 is out!

Check out these these Epstein Bros. clips.
( Via Teruah.)

Here's Mo C on Avi Singolda.

The Jewish Week reviews Mare Winningham's disc.

Na, Nach, Nacha, Nachas Fun Kinder!

Sameach has posted Aaron Razel's "Krembo Song" video.