Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"You Owe Me A Job!" Valid or Not? Part III

A number of years back, a band owner comlained to me about a gig he'd lost. The event was in a chassidic community, and the clients had decided to go with another band because they wanted to "use a band from their own community." He was upset because his band has played many events for that community and knew their repertoire. The sole reason (according to him) they didn't get the gig was because they weren't from "x" chassidus. He felt that the clients' preference towards using a "community band" was unfairly discriminatory. What do you think of his perspective? Also, to flip things around, what would you think of a band from within a given chassidic group. Should they be entitled to "first dibs" or at least being considered for gigs from within the community? Does your perspective change if these are gigs for community institutions, or for institutions of that particular chassidus, as opposed to private affairs?

"Sonoomee" writes:
I've gotten passed getting insulted when someone I expect to hire me for a gig, doesn't. I decided that people enjoy certain styles of music, and if you don't fit that style; you can't fault them for not hiring you. The thing that DOES stick in my craw, is when an organization will call you to play every Tzedaka job they have, and never hesitate to ask you to play for free (we are a Charity organization and have no budget), which you graciously do...but when they finally have an event where there IS a budget (IE Dinner, concert fundraiser etc.) They hire someone else!?

I'm going to share some related stories later in this series.

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