Wednesday, November 08, 2006

From the mailbag... Updated

Jeremy Gimbel sends a link to his website with information about his "Shira Tirdof" project with Brad Lennox.

Here's his description:
"A Blessing in Disguise..." (2005) The debut album from Shira Tirdof is a landmark in Jewish music with roots in folk and rock genres that will leave you humming new tunes with each listen. Jeremy Gimbel and Brad Lennox -- a nationally acclaimed song leader, and an accomplished camp educator, respectively -- showcase modern musical interpretations of age-old texts through their eclectic variety of musical offerings. From the creative adaptations of "Hinei/Everyday" (the words of "Hinei Mah Tov" to the Dave Matthews Band tune "Everyday") and the Passover parody "S8er Boi," to the soulful and passionate interpretations of "Healing," "Oseh Shalom," and "Shalom Aleichem," Shira Tirdof captures the meaning and purpose of Jewish texts in modern, beautiful, and singable song. Every song on "A Blessing in Disguise..." is ready for your camp, synagogue, youth event, or a good blast on the car stereo.
As a songleader, Jeremy makes sure to include the key and tempo information for each track on his site, which is useful for song leaders who might like to learn/perform some of these tunes.

Sam writes:
Maybe someone picked this up before me, but the song called "Tell it to my face" at this link: The Hollies sounds a lot like some Jewish song that I can't place.
Adam Davis writes this post:
Shanir is also the bassist for Pharaoh's Daughter, Eyal Maoz's new ensemble, Jon Madof's Rashanim and smattering of other ensembles. He is the glue of many of the best new Jewish music ensembles and one of the most underrated, unknown players on the scene.
Shmiel writes:
I can't listen to my LP of it now.....But if my memory serves me correctly.....I think the recorded version on Nigunei Chabad vol. 1 is closer to the way "we" sing it than the notation in Sefer HaNigunim.... I have noticed in my CH gigging experience that some of what I recall from the albums I grew up with(Vols 1-3, My vol 2 was pressed on blue Vinyl, a whole other discussion) is no longer sung that way... Studio limitations? perhaps....Evolution? more likely.... Maybe AvremiG or another old time Chabadnik can fill us in.....
Hey.....the link from Sefer ha Nigunim is attached to sound files from that Album....give a Hertzu...Chorus and accordian...Doesn't sound quite right without the crackle that i remember :-) Those albums are all there.....there goes my practice for the evening...
Yeah, sometimes I miss the old vinyl crackling too.