Monday, October 11, 2004

That's What It's All About

Here's guest hocker Dilbert:
This year, my 3 year old was old enough to have some understanding of what when on. He insisted on kissing every Torah, sang as loud as he could, and everytime the singing stopped(new Hakafah, new song) he looked at me and said, 'more music? more singing?'. On Shabbat and today you can hear him playing with his toys, singing 'aneinu, aneinu, be'yom koreinu'. Of course, he doesn't get the words exactly right, but you know what he means, and the tune is right on. I saw Simchat Torah through his eyes, and all of a sudden, all the people talking, not paying attention, leaving early, eating early, it didn't matter and didn't bother me. It was the best Simchat Torah for me in years.
I've got nothing to add.