Sunday, October 24, 2004

From the emailbag:

A reader writes in to ask for our comments on this subscription-only NY Sun article, 'Boychik' Band of Boro Park Hits Sour Note With Lawsuit.which appeared last Wednesday. It speaks for itself, although the original complaint (18555/04 in Kings County Supreme Court) makes for fun reading and is inadvertently hilarious.

We will reserve comment, except for quoting two excerpts from the Sun article, each of interest for different reasons.
The Chevra topped the charts of a local magazine, Country Yossi, which performs a periodic survey of Jewish music sales at stores in New York, a magazine spokesman said. The Chevra became the "hottest group around," the spokesman said.
Michael Dorf, executive producer of the New York Jewish Music and Heritage Festival, said he was not familiar with The Chevra. But he said that many new Jewish bands, including Orthodox ones, are cropping up.
Another reader wants to know what Andy Statman's been up to. Here's Andy's website which has his performance schedule as well as audio clips of his recent recording of Lubavitch nigunim.