Thursday, October 01, 2009

From the mailbag...

Dovid Kerner writes:
Previously, you were kind enough to post the words to the old country classic Sukkalaya. I'm happy to report that an actual recording has been found - right in my house! Sukkalaya

May you and your readers have a Hank'in Chag Sameach.
Ron Benvenisti writes:
Happy to announce that the Lakewood Music Program I've been slaving at for the youth, with my own sweat equity has gotten offical notice. This summer the Township picked up the tab and this fall we will be doing a 3 day a week intro for keyboards at the High School and Community Center. A brand new multi-million dollar facility is being built on Cedarbridge (near the Parks & Recreation Headquarters and Blue Claws Stadium) where I hope to run a full fledged program for all levels, ages and instruments in 2010. Thanks to the incessant support of Citizen of the Year, Maestro Wilbur Wittemann of the Lakewood Jazz Ensemble, Jeff Shapiro, Director of Parks & Recreation, those on the Township Committee and so many other people of goodwill, passion and committment to music as education and leadership tool par excellence. This will be non-sectarian and free with, get this - separate entrances and two kitchens! My only snag is some personal issues and being in Virtua-Marlton Hospital with a rare liver disorder. Winning some battles in it and hope to win the war. Please daven for a refual shelaima for yours truly, play a little tune for Aharon Ben Simcha ( and I wish all of you a Gmar Tov and hope to be out of here and back home as soon as possible.

PS: I would love to see us network to do a major Hakaras HaTov benefit concert for my dear friend (and many of you to) Yosi Piamenta. Everyone has been touched by Yosi, who single-handedly changed the face of Jewish Music as we know it through passion, dedication and real Mesirat Nefesh. This started over 35 years ago and I can't think of a single artist since then who has not been influenced by this giant. Think about it. I'm a little tied up (tubed up - to be exact) right now but I think we owe it to the guy and it would be a major event. Please think about it, and if any producer types out there (all you guys know this man and what I am saying is true and that he deserves it now) can get the snowball rolling please put the sweat into it.... May we all be inscribed in the "Real" Real Book......
PT writes:
Here's one for the Poskim:

I was recording a song for a nice young fella (when did I get to be an AK?) and he used the "-nai" word instead of the "-shem" word in his lyric. He did this in the context of saying a whole tfillah (the end of "Adon Olam"). I asked him if he'd reconsider changing to "shem" to avoid controversy.

Makes me wonder about a few things. I know that non-Orthodox performers have no compunction about using the "-nai". I've heard Orthodox performers use "hamonai" instead to keep the proper sound. Is there actually a halachic issue with avoiding the "-nai" word, since it itself just means "my Lord" and is not an actual Name of G-d? If you use an entire pasuk or prayer, is it then OK?

The other issue is, if we then decide to ERASE the lyric and replace with "adoshem", is there now an issue of erasing a Holy name?? All I can say is, I guess it's a good thing Protools is NONDESTRUCTIVE!
Shloime Lichter writes:
My name is Shloime Lichter, I put up this website Keren Yitzchok Isaac for a friend of mine who passed away at the age of 45 while waiting for a Heart Transplant. Leaving behind an almanah and 10 unmarried children with no means of any financial income.

I would like to ask if you would be able to post a link or banner or a little write up on your blog in order to help us raise funds.

Or you may donate by visiting this site.

P.S. Please forward this email to all your fellow bloggers and friends who may be able to help us out.

Tizku Lemitzvohs and A Ksiva Vachasima Tovah

Thank You
Shlome Lichter
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