Thursday, October 01, 2009

10/1/09 Link Dump

Dov Bear asks: "Why are we so liberal about our liturgical music?"

Shemspeed is giving away free downloads of a couple o' tracks off of Diwon and Dugans 'Dreams in Static" release.

Chassidic singer Michoel Schnitzler has a new CD out. Here's a remake/update(if you can call it that) of the "Rabbi's Sons" classic hit "Rabos Machshavos." More road trip material.

This might come in handy for wedding guests. Is that off-key wedding singer getting on your nerves? Spare yourselves and all the other guests by tuning his vocals for him using your iPhone.

This title says it all: "Reb Abish: Today’s Music is a Cholent Pot; Many Songs Are Superficial." Naturally, none of the ones he sings. He thinks.

Over at Chasing the Fat Man: "What I really should have said..."

That's not an orchestra! Its Synthesiser Patel.