Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From the mailbag...

E. contributes a "peep":
Rude Schnorrer Guy: The uncouth collector who likes to stick a wad of cash in people's faces while mumbling something incoherent about "hachnosis kalleh" who impatiently persists when you ploitley wave off his rudeness with a sorry, or "I don't have any money" by rebounding with "So maybe epis you have a chek?"
J. also contributes one:
Love dem peeps!!

What is it about singers that have cordless mic's and run into the crowd to sing, changing keys and the like while leaving us to guess what comes next?

PS I actually walked off the bandstand
Sounds like he's been gigging with "Srully Reverb!"

Chaim writes:
Did you see this??

Oorah had that American idol type audition for a singer to be on their cd this year and the winner was Sruly Werdyger??? As in Mendy Werdyger's son? Who has already sang on a CD (Shabbos with the Werdygers) and whose father owns ADERET was the winner? This is too funny. This would be like Madonna's daughter winning American idol.
Actually, he's been on more CD's. If memory serves, he released a Purim CD and an acapella CD over the past year or so.

E. also writes:
how can the banners honestly expect to effectively ban gadgetry in a community that so thrives on the level of hockery that comes with possessing the latest in technological toys? that teaches the young kids to aspire to want to be like their role model hockers toting the latest in high tech gizmos, which is by the way one of the most booming staple businesses in every heimishe community?
do they honestly expect parents of children in today's world to effectively balance and function the hectic livves brought on by the demands of the current lifestyle without communication and or chas vshalom entertainment devices that have (shudder) screens?
Once again a poorly composed ill thought ban has completely ignored people's individual shalom bayis, safety, pikuach nefesh, parnossah and a litany of necessities of our world.

(Perhaps rather than promote such inane hysteria, they can actually to a little work and develop a serious education for the young people, their parents and the educators as to the potential possible disadvantages and flaws that may potentially exist and how and why to avoid them and or work around it in a sound mature manner. Nevermind that outwardly forbidding something induces an extreme opposite interest, but how many people do you actually know that uses a cellphone or an ipod for illicit material? You can see more pretizus by having your eyes open at every newstand in flatbush)
"Anon" writes:
Observation and opinion: I davened this (Shabbos) morning at a large, 'black hat' shul. I could hardly hear the shaliach tzibor over the talking during Psukei D'zimrah. Things quieted down dramatically once we reached Borchu.

The olam then sang Kail Adon in a very spirited, heartfelt manner with a wordless nigun along with the chazan (saying the words in between each posuk). Likewise the congregation sang wordless nigunim during kedusha, again, in a very spirited manner.

This strikes me as strange. All the holy words/concepts of Psukei d'Zimrah are ignored/demeaned. It seemed that the congregation put their most intent kavanah into the 'la la's and 'oy oy's of the above mentioned sections, drowning out the shaliach tzibur.

It seems to me that they are longing to vocalize/sing to express themselves - but would they not be better off doing this, in this manner, at a motzei Shabbos kumsitz?

I'm a chozeir b'tshuvah and have learned about the depth of meaning in Tehillim (B'H - Rav Shimshon Raphael Hirsch's commentary is back in print!). I was also steeped in the folk music process - make music, don't just be a spectator - people need to express themselves through music. Doing it by making inaudible the voice of the chazan, who is singing the holy words of tefilah, is not the way to go.

Kavanah during Psukei d'Zimrah and sing the actual words during Tefilah (or be quite enough to hear/let them be heard). And, while I'm on my soapbox - music education in the Yeshivas so we can make music ourselves, instead of relegating music to a spectator sport of attending concerts and buying cds. - My opinion.
Sounds like "Anon" visited a shteibl.

Rav Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev would look at this and say: "Mi ke'amcha Yisroel! Even Jews who aren't intellectually or spiritually moved by the words of the davening, nevertheless long to praise Hashem with the sentiments of the tefillah, and interrupt their conversations to do so, by joining in the singing of glorious marches and waltzes capturing the essence of these tefilos praising Hashem's rule!"

Itzi writes:
Just curious. Whats up with all of the hype that 'surrounds' a Jewish album before it's released? By hype I mean the utter lies that are promised i.e. Album X is coming out next week. When next week arrives: oh, its coming out in two weeks, next month etc.

I don't get it. Is endless procrastination supposed to be intended to 'excite' a listener? Cause it does just the opposite.

Is it just me?

P.S. Where's Yeedle's long promised album? Wasn't it supposed to be released Tu B'shvaat? Lest one forget the other numerous promised-yet-never-came-to-fruition release dates.

P.P.S. Keep up the great work! Love it when you think aloud.
L-o-R writes:
amazing post on TB. You did the right thing breaking from music only. The worst part is that we make a big ruckus, stand on our soap boxes and then days go by and everyone forgets. Yet this kid will still be in the horrible situation he is in. How a parent can send a kid to such a place, even if they were told those stories are just angry ex-patients, still, if even for a moment you think it COULD be true. It's a disaster and I really find major fault with R' Shechter. There have to be consequences. It's a dangerous situation all around.
Ibn Mordechai writes:
Dear Hasidic Musician-

I was wondering if you could help me spread my new(ish) blog. My objective is to share words of Torah with the world, but particularly, people who are in the workforce and do not necessarily have the time and/or the skills to open up a sefer and learn.

I very much enjoy your posts and I know that your readership could gain tremendously from this blog.

Blog Title: Da Kani Ma Chaser?

Url: www.vortlach.blogspot.com

Thank you very much for your consideration and much Hatzlacha.