Friday, April 04, 2008

4/4/08 Link Dump

The Forward reports on an alleged plot by disgraced cantor Israel Rand to entrap his replacement's father. Also in the Forward,"David’s the Singer, He’s the Rapper", about Oded Turgeman's movie about Nosson Zand aka Niz, a rapper turned Yeshiva boy.

"Band-Aid" producer Trevor Horn is working on an anthemic recording of "Oseh Shalom" in honor of Israel's 60th.

Mark Rubin makes an important point that bears repeating.

Heichal HaNegina posts about "Y'hei Sh'lama", a recently composed song of the Modzitzer Rebbe. He's got video of it being sung at a recent tish.

Shimi Pines sings about building new Chareidi neighborhoods in Israel.

At Hirhurim, Rabbi Ari Enkin posts a presentation of Halachik sources relating to Chazzanut. posted a Y-Love profile, "An Unorthodox Orthodox Jew."

Here's a blogger who got tired of hearing songs at simchas he didn't know the words to. So, he's started "Know The Words!", a blog of lyrics to popular contemporary chassidic songs.

Here's a great headline: "Curbing The Cabs By Its Horns." Didja get it?

Jewess interviews Basya Schechter.

From the Jewish Week, here's "‘Power Trio’ On The Bima."

Also in the Jewish Week, George Robinson reviews a number of discs including Michael Winograd's "Bessarabian Hop."

Cantor Sam Weiss's essay about Naomi Shemer's music is up at the Klezmer Shack.