Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This Link Dump Is Also Banned!!!

Mah Rabu goes sleuthing and discovers who the soft jazz musician at Kutz was. I knew it was Bloom. It was either him or else Kenny G, which isn't likely. We'd mentioned Bloom's Shabbat Jazz service back in 2003. Listen to the Barchu clip. I'd never have tried to make that work with teens. Again, what was the Kutz administration thinking?

I learned one of Bloom's tunes, "Standing On The Shoulders" from another musician I took over for on an outreach program. I later found his Tikkun Olam cassette, which has the song on it, in a cutout bin in Chinatown for 25 cents. They had two Jewish cassettes, Bloom's and the HASC musical at Radio City Music Hall. The rest were all heavy metal albums by bands with names like Rigor Mortis.

Sameach Music is looking for composers to submit songs for consideration.

Life of Rubin posts a video of someone, apparently in a church, covering Matisyahu's "King Without A Crown."

He also has more on the recent concert ban in Jerusalem.

Here's a Ha'aretz article on the subject.

The Jewish Worker posts a Hebrew article about the ban. Also some English articles from Chareidi media.

R' Harry Maryles comments.

Greg zings!

Larry Gordon weighs in. The implications for the singers and their families is troubling. This has been a massive chilul Hashem. And, the attempt by some to interfere with the singers family lives --i.e. getting their children expelled from school because their father "doesn't listen to Gedolei Yisroel" is outrageous and should be vigorously condemned by rabbinic leaders. The public silence is troubling!

Cross Currents posts a bizarre guest post attempting to explain the ban. We're not buying it.

R' Harry is also criticizing a Jewish children's educational CD. The state of Jewish children's entertainment...

Go to Hebrew School and learn about Jewish Blues: Out of the Woods.

Over at Orthodox Anarchist, there's a discussion of DJ Handler's Y-Love mixtape and the ethichs, or lack therof, of sampling without permission.

You know, Sweet Home Alabama really needed balalaika.

So now there's another way for some JM entertainers to ride the tzedakah gravy train. Nice!

The Klezmer Shack posts about konosans retro. Christian Dawid recently gave me a copy and a review is forthcoming. The short version. Buy it.

Amazon has it here:

Ari also posts a link to photos from Yiddish Summer Weimar.

Here's some good music news out of Pakistan.

Here's a ample track off of MoC's latest project, featuring previously unrecorded Carlebach tunes.

Khevre reunite for a good cause. If you're in or near Boston, check them out. Tell Garf we sent you!

Here's a great 404 page. Via Music Thing.

No one sets out to be a smooth jazz musician. Except at Kutz.

George Robinson reviews disc by Frank London, Basya Schecther, and more.

Powerline writes about Idan Raichel.

Finally, Soundbrush records is offering a free download of a track from Frank London's "A Night in the Old Marketplace."

Amazon has that album here: