Wednesday, July 25, 2007

From the mailbag... UPDATED

Michael Crowley writes:

I’m writing to you about a very unique High Holidays project from Jewish music/production company Craig 'n Co.

For the past two years, Craig Taubman, my boss and a top Jewish musician, has produced 'Jewels of Elul', a collection of stories, anecdotes and inspirations for the High Holidays.

Released in concurrence with the 29 days in the Jewish month of Elul, a time set aside for thought and introspection, 'Jewels of Elul III' will feature contributions from an amazingly eclectic group of 29 individuals; from Elie Wiesel to the Dalai Lama, from the Mayor of Sderot to Deborah Lipstadt, from Matisyahu to Kirk Douglas (a full list is below). The collection will be available both in booklet form and online.

This year's Jewels collection is being supported by the American Committee for Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem as a way to reach out to the community during this special time of the year.

It is my hope that you will agree to put a link on your blog to Thanks to support from our online partners last year, we generated over 250,000 visits to the site, making the project a huge success.
Miryam Levy writes:
I am looking for a source for the CD The "Precise Melodies" of the Chabad Rebbes. When I googled it your blog came up and I haven't managed to find anything so I thought you might know. I would appreciate it.
Yossi writes:
I'm a chazzan with classical vocal training and I'd like to explore the idea of bringing old cantorial pieces current, kind of like chazzanut meets east village opera co.
Saw your blog, and figured it couldn't hurt to ask if you know any musicians here in new york who'd like to explore this idea..Maybe a guitarist or something. Give me a shout if you think you can help.
Yaakov Elchanan emails us to check out Aryeh Kunstler's upcoming album. Previews at his MySpace page.

Mordechai Shinefield fowards a link to his latest Forward article on Yidcore.

Mark Skier writes:
Hi! I posted a pair of videos here.

And there’s links to the youtube archive (which also has some old home videos up, but you can ignore them…or watch for some giggles) and the main video page at Moshe Skier dot com.

If you want to sort through the other videos and pick one of two that you like, that would be cool. I did a really good cover (imho, anyway) of Razel’s Siman Tov. Also, there’s a new version of Ashrei, which is the first song I wrote and carried through all my bands going back to Tohu Vavohu.