Wednesday, July 25, 2007

7/25/07 Link Dump

Nachas from blog-grandchildren!

Ben Chorin has the best response to the Noah Feldman NYT article. Shkoyach!

Uncle Sy shares some JM thoughts.

The Sudanese Thinker uses our post about Treppenwitz's concert for Darfur to demonstrate that Jews are eeeevil!

We called this one!

Jewish Fringe posts some J-musician craigslistings.

The Jewish Week writes about Debbie Friedman's new position.

Here's the latest JE Magazine. Cover story is on BaRock Orchestra. According to the article, they've "never lost a customer because of money." The entire issue is good for a laugh. Note the marketing on upcoming albums, with a nice split between those with a new "never, heard before" focus and those with a "current JM is awful, returning to roots" focus.

The J-Post reviews MoC's album

Here's coverage of the Krakow music fest from
The Forward
The New York Times


Unrelated double!

8th Day sings Ayeh!

So, you had a bad Shabbos!

Disco magic! It was inevitable, I suppose. Might as well dress authentic for the disco set!

Here's a klez-metal mashup!

Paula Abdul's a nice Jewish girl!

Lazer Beams posts video f a Chumash Seudah in Jerusalem.