Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2/7/07 Link Dump

Keith Wolzininger posts to the Yahoo JM group about his new Klezmer Podcast. His guests for the first show are David Krakauer and So-Called.

Treppenwitz posts a nice cello rental story.

FWQ notes a common mispronounciation in "Motzei Shabbos Zemiros".

Chabad Mont Pneimios has posted a video clip of Yerachmiel Begun and MBC's performance at the messianic Lubavitch event in Israel we blogged previously. Watching the clip, it's quite obvious that despite his caginess on JM in the AM, Begun knew exactly what he was participating in.

Here's Psycho Toddler on Kol Isha.

Meet Jtunes artist Dovi Small.

The Jerusalem Post reviews Rashanim's third disc, "Shalosh".

Here's a Brazilian Yiddish music blog,"YidishMusic!"