Wednesday, February 28, 2007

10/28/07 Link Dump

Life-of-Rubin calls a spade a spade in "Is the New Miami Boys Choir CD False Advertising?"

The Town Crier has posted some pictures and is ripping MBD for public alchohol consumption at a recent concert.

Heichal Haneginah posts " Andy Statman- An Ahava Supreme".

Jameel has posted a YouTube clip promoting the upcoming Purim@ JBlogosphere. The Purim music in the clip is from "Purim Sameach."

Here's a NY Times article, "Shoot the Piano Player" about an elderly pianist who made a name for herself using other pianist's albums.

This JPost article "A Cohen by any other name," is about Yuval Cohen's debut album, "Freedom."

I had the pleasure of playing several gigs with Yuval years ago. In addition to being a very talented musician, he's a wonderfully sweet guy.

Here are Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys in action!

Zichron Menachem has posted a video clip, "There is a God," of a song by Yisrael Chaim (12) about his battle against cancer. The song was recorded between chemo sessions, a few days before his bar mitzva.

This past Sunday, Palestinian terrorists murdered Erez Levanon Z"L, a husband and father who was murded while praying. Erez was a musician/composer and you can hear one of his songs here. Lazer Beams has a beautiful picture of Erez Z'L walking Bat Ayin children to school with guitar accompaniment. He also has information about a fund to support the widow and orphans.