Thursday, February 22, 2007

2/22/07 Link Dump

Here's our craigslist item of the day. It comes in "grey mother of toilet seat." You could build a weird band around this thing. Or else, someone could buy it for Yossi Rosenberg.

Sing it, sister!

Chaptzem Blog! comments on the Aderet "CD rental" nonsense.He forsees a liability suit when someone is injured by a rental CD.

The J-Post writes about Yiddish nostalgia. It's Shira Be'tzibur in Yiddish!

Someone asked the Rabbi about the negative powers of music.

Finally, here's a link to The NY Jewish Week's coverage of the Klezmatics Grammy win. [/sarcasm] Their J-arts coverage is lacking, but they do deserve props for this eyewitness report of "Yeshiva Break" in Miami. Not music related, but important nonetheless.