Friday, December 15, 2006

Drummer Available

Shmuel Klaver writes:
I would like to thank my friends, mostly musicians, for all of their well-wishes following my (2nd) stroke last October. Thanks to all of your tefillos, I have pretty much fully recovered B"H, giving me once again the opportunity to be upset with Neginah for not giving me any work... I would like to ask a favor, though.
I've been without a parnassah for quite some time, but I am now teaching again; so if any of you hear of someone in the Monsey area looking for drum lessons, or if any drummers out there need a last minute sub for a Monsey-area shmorg because you're running late, please keep me in mind. I can be reached at 845-694-8235 or I appreciate your posting this; I know it's a bit unorthodox (oy-in Monsey, yet!) Love to all - Shmuel Klaver