Friday, September 01, 2006

9/1/06 Link Dump

Today, Peter Salzman posted a link to his Kabbalah Blues website on theYahoo JM Group. Since it's not likely to get any attention there, we're posting the link here.

The Jerusalem Post reviews Ari Boiangiu's album. Coincidentally, we just listened to the whole album for the first time this week. It's a real, heartfelt album and worth checking out if you like honest Jewish rock.

The translation of one of the song titles in the review is erroneous. " Ma Gadlu" is translated as "What Grew". And in an Israeli paper, no less.

HAYOM is critiquing a new Avraham Fried new song.

In the Forward, "How 'Fiddler' Became Folklore".

Mrs. Yosef Karduner is selling original artwork.

Ths title says it all: "RIAA copyright education contradictory".

Wonder if the video says anything about mechira b'tnai or not playing recordings on shabbos.