Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cleaning Out Da Mailbag...

Allen writes:
wow ! Ron's got an interesting working method there. the results are not exactly of the highest artistic merit though. not garbage , but not awesome by a long shot. its nice that the texts he yield something that sounds like music but its possible to get music by organizing the NYTimes. Are we to think that the source insures artistic merit . to my ears its somewhat random, though modally consistent. I guess it would track with the texts though, but I doubt it will supplant nusach or trope. talk about music by the pound. so now Ron can use a sidur and fill the world with music copywritten by Ron. a nice parnasa angle if he can sell it. sort of alleviates the need for musical inspiration.
Dave Cirilli writes:
Just announced this week, three of New York's leading Jewish non-profit groups -- The National Foundation for Jewish Culture, JDub Records and Avoda Arts -- began accepting applications for a new artist development program called The Six Points Fellowship ( ). Initiated by funding of $1,000,000 from the UJA-Federation of New York’s Commission on Jewish Identity & Renewal – the largest grant UJA has ever awarded to an arts organization – the fellowship will provide twelve New York-based artists (in music, performing arts and visual arts) up to $45,000 per-year for living expenses and project-related support for a period of two years.

The application process runs through August 31, 2006. Please let me know if you would like more information.
Sruly at Sameach Music forwards a link to download the Voices for Israel anthem, "Chazak Amenu".

J. forwards a link to a Ha'aetz article.

Eliyahu Fink writes:
500 hits in a few hrs

what do you say?

can u blog


On 7/19/06, The Finks wrote:
> hey there
> nice blog
> post this video up and give some commentary
> thanks
Elliot forwards a link to an article 'bout Acharit Hayamim.

Anon writes:
you on vacation? My week doesnt go right without a dose of Blog in Dm,
Psachya writes:
Re "Neighborhood Bully" - I was studying in Israel when Dylan's "Infidels" album was released. I remember being amused that Radio Jordan kept playing that song. I think that the Jordanian DJ thought Dylan was actually calling Israel a neighborhood bully, as opposed to a "neighborhood bully". BTW, unquestionably the best song ever written about the Mideast situation.
Ron Benevisti writes:
Since I am a musician who makes his living composing, arranging, recording and playing music I am allowed to do so at this time although I don't play live even for non-Jews during the three weeks.

Also... Rabbi Moshe Feinstein permitted listening to classical music as background music. Along the lines of this leniency, one may listen to sad music, and religious or Hasidic type music. In addition, soothing music is permitted.

So to me, if I were driving a Merkava or flying a Cobra or Apache or an F-16 pounding Hezbollah, I would like to be listening to this...

I quickly put it together this Motzei Shabbos and will polish it up some more....

Chazak V'Amatz
Jewish Music writes:

check out this site

it has imitations of many singers some of them are very good.
J. writes:
Et lischok is a very powerful and important tool, wield it wisely. You have a responsibility to your readers, (myself included).
There is enough bad going on in the world right now, stop allowing yourself to be affected by it in a negative way.
I don't know how many readers you have and it may seem trivial to you, but quite a few of us enjoy your writing.
So snap out of it, please.
Thanks for the kind words.

Yael writes:
Dear Blogger,

I'm writing to you from Katifund in the hope that you will help us get our message out there. Regardless of how you felt about disengagement from Gaza last year, we would like to get message out there that we still care about the refugees from Gush Katif. Please help us get the message of "last year divided, this year united." Please post about the million click campaign on your blog or link to us.
We appreciate your help.
Abe Deutsch writes:
Gingis Khan Moskau. Their Moskau song also seems to have been plagiarized and used in a jewish song.
Alexander Feldman writes from Brazil:
I am a brazilian jewish, born by 1955 in Niteroi city (close to Rio de Janeiro city). When I was a teen-ager, my grandmother travelled to the USA, to see her long time no-seen brother. When she returned, brought a full bag of yiddish music LP vinyls. One of them was from Tikva Records: "Marty Levytt - Party Memories". I have it until today.

The remarkable fact is that there is NO street address, no PO Box, nothing that allow anyone to contact the label's office (there should be one, of course!). At that time, I payed no attention to this. But now, trying to find more Tikva recordings, I noticed the problem.

Did you find any new information about? If so, please let me know.
If anyone has any info, let me know and I'll pass it on.