Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cease Fire Link Dump...

As they were bookmarked...

Tired of too much talk on the podcasts you dowload? Check out the Red Hot Tribute to John Cage: Silent Podcast

Ben Jacobson reviews Heedoosh.

The Chassan posts that the Homowack is closing. It was sold and has reopened as the Spring Mountain Resort.

This eBay auction ended with no takers. Someone is trying to get rid of his comped CD's.

Here are some videos of the Biala Rebbe singing Sabbath hymns.

The Rootless Cosmopolitan links to a Nextbook review. Ouch!

This Google search is too good to let pass. We're the number one hit to the query.

Here's background on the Katyusha song.

Avid has purchased Sibelius.

Here's Yo, Yenta! on American Idol's "underground" category.

Kesher Talk posts Basya Shechter's arrangement of "Eicha."

Here's DovBear:
What does it say about Orthodoxy, in 2005, that we no longer treasure nor produce men who write like angels? Just listen to the opening verse of the first poem, in its original Hebrew: Libi b'mizrach v'anochi b'sof ma'arav. Do you hear the word-music? Yet, in our day Shiny Shoe Music passes for brilliance.
Ben Jacobson writes about Neshama Carlebach performances in the Jerusalem Post:
Carlebach then finishes off the tour with no one on stage but her own band, a microphone in hand and a bun in the oven at Rehovot's Mofet Hall.

Eliyahu from Simply Tsfat was in Lebanon during the war and we've got the pic to prove it.

You know you've made it when people use your blog name to help promote their album. (It's posted here too.) Only problem is, we didn't write that review. Twas one of the other J-music blogs.

The Jewish Week writes about

Psycho Toddler asks his mom "Should I stay or should I go? " (Shouldn'ta written that. Now I have to get that dang song out of my head!)

Here's a first-hand report on the world's most expensive Bat Mitzvah written by one of the videographers.

Here's Naomi Chana on nigunim.

ASJ posts on Jewish Heavy Metal and "Good" Jewish Music.

Shira writes "Musical license,"* or the case of the misplaced comma--A different way of listening to words.