Monday, August 28, 2006

8/28/06 Link Dump

Meet the The Hotel Pianist, a blog by a pianist with a gig in an NYC hotel.

Israelity blogs about "Chez Bar Mitzvah."

Chaim Witz rocks!

Yitz is blogging on Reb Shraga Feivel - A Seething Musical Spirit. If memory serves, I read that the Rebbe referenced near the end of the post is the Kotzker.

Gavriel Fiske writes about Jewish wedding bands in Israel for the Jerusalem Post.

This article's title says it all: "Pro-Nasrallah song popular in W. Bank".

Lazer Beams writes about Avraham Abitbul's new album. We mentioned some of his earlier albums here.

Ari Goldwag has released a CD titled Flippin' In. Several readers have emailed to ask my opinion on the album in light of discussions on other blogs about it where it's been criticized.

I've highlighted Ari's past PR as an example of honesty in JM PR here, here, and here. Ari has a history of honestly representing his music and I know that being honest in his PR is important to him. It's OK not to like the music, but I'd not challenge his honesty. If he describes it as soulful, than he really feels it is. Critique the music, or the lyrics, but in this case I don't see criticizing his description of the music as soulful. You or I may not find those musicians, or that style to be soulful, but others do. "Al ta'am vareach..."