Wednesday, April 05, 2006

From the mailbag...

Don emails a link to an audio promo for a concert in the city this Thursday evening by Pesach Chaim. We posted about Pesach Chaim a few years ago in "Heavy Metal with a Hechser."

Hillary writes:
The music for Gene Pitney's song "If I only Had time" is identical to a french hit "Je n'aurais pas le temps" by Michel Fugain. People tell me that Pitney wrote it, but Fugain claims to have written the music. Who did really? It won't end the world not to know, but I'm being driven mad by it.

Chaim writes:
Sometimes I think Country Yossi is living in such a tight vacuum that not only does he not hear what we write about his magazine, but he finds new and creatively deceptive ways to push truth in advertising back 50 years.

Sunday I was in a Pizza shop in Flatbush and I noticed a new Country Yossi issue. I immediately opened it to the top 20 list and I was shocked to see that a CD that isn't even in stores yet is # 16 on the Top 20 selling CD's. What further proof does that Jewish community need to see how fictitious the Country Yossi magazine is. What a joke.
Shmuel forwards a link to an eBay auction for Lipa Shmeltzer ' s $20 Bill

Bert Stratton emails info about Yiddishe Cup's upcoming concert in Brooklyn. Details are:

2 p.m. Sun., April 23
Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts
(at Brooklyn College)
Walt Whitman Theatre
We reviewed their album "Meshugene Mambo" her in "Klezmer With A Slice Of Wry."

A Simple Jew emails a link to his post on Ari Boiangiu

Mindy writes:
I thought it would interest you to do a video google search on 'sameach'. you'll unearth a bunch of sameach videos, including gelt, adetanye, and more.