Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ushpizin Soundtrack Answer

Richie emails us the answer to Rhodda's question..
Both songs in the film "Ushpizin" -- "Atah Kadosh" and "Yesh Rak HaKadosh Baruch Hu" -- are by Adi Ran. They can be heard in the archives on JM in the AM as follows:

"Yesh Rak" - rtsp://

"Atah Kadosh" - rtsp://

And no, I'm not a pedantic yekkish nut who keeps lists of everything. I just started keeping detailed playlists of JM in the AM to try to better understand the focus of show (i.e. when Nachum plays the Good Stuff).

Alright, maybe I *am* a pedantic yekkish nut.
Thanks to Yosef for emailing the Adi Ran info as well.

We reviewed Adi Ran's releases here.