Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ach Du Lieber Boycott

BBC News reports:
Folk musicians in Bavaria are threatening to boycott the opening of next year's football World Cup - unless they are given a more prominent role.

Organisers have allocated 45 seconds for a performance of traditional Bavarian thigh-slapping and brass music, which they say is not enough.

The opening ceremony of the World Cup in June next year takes place in the Bavarian capital, Munich.

The folk musicians' performance is a classic symbol of Bavaria.

Men in tight leather shorts, slapping their thighs, leap around to the sound of brass music and Alpine horns.
In related news, klezmer musicians are rumored to be boycotting tonight's Yisroel Lamm tribute at Avery Fisher Hall over the lack of tsimbl solos at tonight's event. [/sarcasm]

Via Steven Den Beste