Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Some Klezmer Links...

Been meaning to get to some of these for a long time...

David Valdez emails:
Thanks for the link! I've actually paid my dues with Klezmer bands over the years and I HAVE played like Archie Schepp at quite a few bar and bat mitzvahs. Recently I recorded with the 'Extreme Klezmer' band Klezmocracy.
You can download a track, "Tantst Yidelekh", here.

Khupe, who we "met" when Christian emailed to say hello, is a VERY worthwhile Klezmer duo consisting of accordionist Sanne Möricke and clarinetist Christian Dawid. The musicianship is superb! The duo evidences a strong musical chemistry which comes across on their live concert recordings. Khupe released their third album, "eyns, tsvey, dray" recently. Unfortunately, there are no audio clips of that abum on their site, but they do have clips of their other two recordings on their site and at CD Baby. These are definitely on my want to buy list!

Somebody should bring Khupe and The World Quintet (who also have a new release too) to the States for a concert tour. Concert promoters, take note!

Also wanted to point out klezmer flautist Adrianne Greenbaum's album "FleytMuzik: The Klezmer Flute". I bought this one a while back as a download from eMusic, so I don't have the liner notes in front of me. Simply put, this is a great album. Greenbaum plays exquisite klezmer on wooden flutes. The arrangements for bass, tsimbl, violin and flute are beautiful. I'd love to add "Gut Morgen" to the band's book. Anyone know if there's a published transcript of that tune?