Thursday, June 23, 2005

Takana Musings

A few of this season's gigs have inspired the following takana-related musings.

1) Is an affair considered "takana compliant" with regard to music if the "Jewish" band (one of three) consists of five musicians or less?
2) Does it make a difference if the American band leaves the stage for the hora set?
3) Does the string section need to leave the stage too, or can they just take a break?
4) How about if the American band mimes along with the Jewish band?
5) What about if the American band knows some of the tunes and plays along for only those songs?
6) How about if the second band is a "shtick band" like a steel drum band, bagpipes, or mariachis?
7) What if each band has five musicians or less and they don't play at the same time?
8) Even if all of these cases are deemed non-compliant, can one of the takana signators attend only the part of the affair where the "takana compliant" Jewish band is playing?

(We should note that the last question is moot because, based on personal observation, many of the signators DO attend non-compliant weddings.)