Friday, June 10, 2005

Sabeinu Help

My post about "Sabeinu", received a lot of responses. Thanks to all who took the time to write.

Here are some of the comments I received.

Tuvya Stern wrote:
He niggun “Sabeinu” is not originally Breslov, but it came to be sung by Breslover Chasidim Friday night after davening. The most accurate version you’ll find is on “Azamer Bishvochin”, put out by the Breslov Research Institute:

BRI put out a song book which has some more information about the niggunim on the tape, including, I believe, Sabenu:

In any case, the interjections Tatte and Foter are as much a part of the song as the Hebrew words. EVERYONE sings it that way.

On Shabbos Chol Hamoed and a Shabbos that falls out after a Yom Tov, a different Sabenu tune is sung.

In terms of accuracy, Meditations is not the most authentic of Breslov tapes. The most accurate, of course, are internal Breslov recordings that don’t make their way to the stores. After that, Andy Statman’s is pretty close, as are the BRI ones.

Do you know who Chilik Frank is by the way? He plays clarinet on Lag Baomer in Meron as well as at the famous Reb Arele Simchas Beis Hashoeva.
Shmiel Ramras wrote in with the page info for the song in one of the Pasternack books. (It's the melody titled "V'taher Libenu" in book #2, Nigun #49, p.67.) He also wrote:
FWIW i find it always very interesting how nigunim evolve differently in EY and CHuL, especially if there aren't any "makori" recordings....I guess thats why its folk goes how the folks sing it.

How many "corruptions" are we all responsible for....Lets see.... theres the ending of Shenkers Eshes Chayil that should be on the Freygush tonic that is almost universally resolved to the minor(treating the freygush tonic as the dominant..oh so western...feh)....theres the B part of Od Yishama that used to go Bflat,F,Bflat,C, in Eighths followed by two Quarter not D's, Now it's sycopated down from the F (I am almost sure that was Solly Eidlin of the old Stanley Miller bands doing)
I made up the Fill that gets played to Al HaNisim at YU one Purim....Marty laskin Picked it its part of the tune and gets played evvvvrrrrryyyyy chorus :-) by evvvrrrrybody...Nu Nu thats how it goes...
I've been meaning to write on the evolution of nigunim. Hopefully at some point, I'll find the time to post on it.