Friday, June 24, 2005

Joseph and the Borrowed Technicholor Dreamcoat.

Psachya Septimus writes:
Who really wrote that song - you don't really want to open this one up, do you?
In lieu of sending a REALLY long e-mail, I'll just give one example. There are three separate Jewish songs that were "borrowed", in whole or in part, from the musical "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."
1) The coda ("coata?") of "Coat of Many Colors" - you know, the part that goes "Red & blue & yellow & pink & orange & chartreuse & etc, - was inserted by Uncle Moishy into a song about the "colors of Hashem".
2) The first bars of the chorus of "Those Canaan Days" are also the first bars of Miami Boys' Meheira (yes, THAT Meheira!).
3) "Close Every Door" was taken note for note by MBD, given Yiddish words, renamed "Lichtiger Shabbos", and can be heard on his "Just One Shabbos" album.
Re the last one - I remember playing a wedding where the guy under the chupa decided to sing "Mi Ban Siach" to the tune of "Lichtiger Shabbos". He did, too - giving it the full Yeshivish kvetch-&-shuckle treatment. I couldn't help wondering what Mr. Lloyd Webber would have thought of the performance.
I'm sure we'd all love to see that "really long e-mail."