Thursday, April 07, 2005

On the other hand - part 2

I stopped by Sam Ash to pick up some sheet music for an upcoming gig. This means more Paragon music magazine excerpts, of course. (See here for our previous Paragon excerpt.)

So, without furter ado, here are some unedited excerpt of reviews from their March issue:
"The vocals range from guttural lows to high-pitched screams, while also keeping a nice mid-growl for most of the album."

"Solos fly like B52's ready to drop bombs on unsuspecting listeners... Vocals vary from guttural lows to high-pitched screams of torture, with mids that will rip apart your brain with each vocal delivery."
As you can see, they are quite distinctive. And compelling.

Here's one they didn't like:
"Do this. Buy a cheap CD player/radio at your local electronics store; get something cheap, under $20. Grab a hammer and proceed to bash...[Expletives deleted. Ed.] out of the speakers. Now buy a CD of dogs barking. Play that CD in your newly bashed CD player. Do You understand what I'm getting at? This CD should have come with a complimentary bottle of aspirin! Supposedly these guys have been working at their sound for 5 years now... good to see that hard work paid off.